Tony Cro is an engineer by trade, and a perfectionist by nature. Tony is a multi award winning Hot Rod builder, and has been building some of Australia's finest Hot Rods for over 15 years.


Tony has combined his passion for Hot Rods and motorcycles to create TC Custom Trikes.


Tony takes pride in his ability to custom build trikes for riders who could no longer ride a bike because of health or mobility reasons. Hand controls, Automatic shifting, even special foot clamps for a rider who is wheelchair bound, Tony will tackle any modification that might be necessary to keep you on the road for longer, and all modifications are fully engineered, ensuring your bike is a safe as it can be. 


Getting new riders onto a Trike has been a long held ambition of Tony's, When Harley Davidson introduced the LAMS approved Street 500, he knew this was just the bike he was looking for. The TC Harley TC Street 500 Trike has been a big project for Tony and Careena, but after many years, a mountain of paperwork and way too many phone calls, Tony can finally say he can build a trike, that is not only LAMS approved Australia wide, but a Trike that you can use to get your license as well!

With a wide range of styles to suit most Harley Davidson and Japanese Touring bikes, A TC Custom Trike can be tailor made to suit your individual needs. You can have your own bike modified, or you can buy a trike straight off the showroom floor.


Every TC Custom trike is fully engineered, registered and ready to hit the road.

When 2 wheels are not enough, and 4 is too many, you need a TC Custom Trike.

(08) 9524 6474

3 Crowley St. Port Kennedy. WA, 6172
DL 24644

MRB 5524

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