Hagar. My Freedom.

My 3 wheel beast named for the viking duo who designed the trike conversion.

I grew up with bikes in my blood, a passion for speed and the associated Adrenalin rush. In a fraction of a second, a highside, a dead bike and a broken me, My life had changed forever. Paraplegia dominated my future.

28 years later, a thought and a dream to ride again grew into a reality. Modifications from 2 to three wheels, hand controls for gears and brakes, restraints to hold my body and feet, a rack for my wheelchair.

Now I have total freedom as I ride once again into the breeze with the roar and power beneath me. It makes me feel alive

Riding is a lifestyle as I mix with like minded people. A chance to inspire and encourage others that nothing is impossible if you chase your dreams. Life is for living, my life is fuller and my smile wider with me new wheels.