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TC Custom Trikes, Customers.
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After surgery, Barney was told he couldn't ride again, he took his beloved 2009 Harley Davidson Ultra Classic to TC Custom Bikes, and he is back on the road. Read His Story Here

Growing up with bikes in his blood, Grahams life was changed forever when a motorcycle accident left him a paraplegic. 28 years later, he is riding a bike again. Read His Story Here

Sue was looking for something to fill her time after she retired. A visit to a TC Custom Trikes open day gave her the inspiration she needed top get back on a bike, but, It had to be a Goldwing, and it had to be able to carry her precious dog Bella.               Read Her Story Here

At 86 years of age Trevors Harley was just getting too heavy for him to handle safely. A trip to TC Custom Bikes in Port Kennedy to talk about selling the bike, saw him turn it into a trike, so he can keep on riding.  Read His Story Here

Rochelle didn't really enjoy riding by herself, and a couple of close calls made her question whether or not to keep riding. A trip to TC Custom Bikes, saw her get onto a TC Harley TC Street 500, and her life changed. Read Her Story Here