You often hear people referring to an event which had a profound affect on their life ... well, my decision to buy a Honda Goldwing GL1800 and have it converted into a trike certainly did that!.

I have been riding motorbikes since I was 18 years old (mainly in the UK), but there had been a 15 year gap where I hadn't ridden at all. However, the sudden death of my partner, and my decision to retire had me questioning what was I going to do to occupy my spare time?I had been self employed for many years, was working away from home on a regular basis and as a result, didn't join clubs, had no real hobbies to speak of and didn't have a wide circle of friends.

Then, miraculously an advertisement in the local paper announced an open day at TC Trikes Port Kennedy the very next day. I remember being so excited when I saw the invitation to attend and some photos of some of the Trikes that would be on display.

So, off I went the next morning and I was totally blown away with what I saw when I arrived. I talked to all the owners that had their machines on display and knew right then and there that this would become my "passion" I had to have one, but had no bike to convert. After talking at length with Tony Cro, I raced home to search the internet for a suitable bike - it had to be a Honda Goldwing of course!. 

I found one in Brisbane, made an offer, and phoned Tony the very next day with the news. He made the arrangements to have it transported to his premises and a couple of weeks later it arrived - what a beauty!, A gorgeous red beast, low mileage, and in immaculate condition. Several months later Tony had completed the full conversion and I became the owner of a spectacular machine. 

But, I couldn't just go off riding and leave my Bella behind. My little dog was my baby and wherever I went, she went. So after another internet search I found "Beast Riders" in the USA. They made a special leather/sheepskin carrier to fit and we were in business.

Now all I needed was to find like-minded people who shared my passion for riding, and I soon found them in the Ulysses Motorcycle Club. What a fabulous group of people they are. It's hard to put into words they joy being on my trike gives me. The sense of freedom, the peace and calm that envelopes me when i get on it and ride off, the pride I feel when people stare or stop to admire it (and Bella of course) and the knowledge that I am part of a community of bike riders who totally get it. My grand children think I am totally cool because their nanna rides a big motorbike and all my non bike riding friends still don't get it. 

I often wonder what I would have done with myself, had I not seen the advertisement in the local paper that day?. I would have missed out on so much- the rides, the friendships, the stories we share over coffee/cake (yes I know the location of just about every bakery in Western Australia) and long may it continue.

I love my trike and I hope to be riding for may years to come ..... 

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